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(a) The “Hirer” is the person or business hiring Equipment from the Owner

(b) The “Owner” is The Tableware Hire Co (herein referred to as TTHC)

(c) The “Equipment” refers to all products supplied to the Hirer

(d) The “Terms” refers to this Terms & Conditions document



(a) The hiring of Equipment will commence and conclude on the dates specified in the invoice. The Hirer is entitled to use the Equipment for the hire period only. Any extension of this period must be agreed to by TTHC. 

(b) The standard hire period for Equipment is 3 days (e.g. A Saturday event would entail pick-up/delivery on Friday and return/collection on Sunday). 

(c) All hired Equipment must be returned or ready for collection by the day following the event. No extensions.

(d) The Hirer will hire Equipment at their own risk and will bear all responsibility for the Equipment from the time of possession until return to the Owner.

(e) The Hirer will, upon delivery or collection of the Equipment, immediately examine the Equipment to ensure they are satisfied with its condition and its suitability for its intended use. In accepting the Equipment, the Hirer acknowledges that they have duly examined the Equipment and are satisfied with it. 

(f) The Hirer must assume the risk of, and indemnify and hold the Owner harmless from and against, any damage caused to person, property, animal or thing from the use of the Equipment. 

(g) The Hirer agrees to not use the Equipment at locations, or for purposes, contrary to the Equipment’s general purpose.

(h) Equipment is not to be supplied to a third party unless approved by the Owner. NOTE: The Hirer is the responsible party subject to these Terms, even if Equipment is used by a third party.

(i) The Hirer must comply, and ensure venues comply, with any written instructions accompanying the Equipment. 

(j) The Hirer is liable and will pay for all cleaning costs and for any damage resulting from not properly cleaning, drying and/or packing the Equipment. Refer to Section 3, Line f and Section 5, Line a of this document.

(k) The Hirer is liable and will pay for any damaged or lost Equipment. Refer to Section 3, Line g of this document.

(l) If the Equipment is being collected by the Owner, it must be available to them in a safe, readily accessible location as prearranged. 



(a) The Hirer agrees to pay TTHC the hire fee and bond specified for the Equipment including any other charges relevant to this agreement (delivery, etc.). 

(b) To secure Equipment for the event date, a non-refundable deposit equal to 20% of the total hire fee is payable via bank transfer.

(c) Equipment numbers must be finalised, and the remaining balance must be paid, 2 weeks prior to the event date. 

(d) All orders placed less than 2 weeks from the event date require full payment. 

(e) TTHC will refund the bond within 5-7 business days, in full or deducted accordingly for any damage or loss. The bond refund will be actioned via bank transfer to the Hirer’s nominated bank account. 

(f) Due to the delicate nature of the Equipment, failure to return Equipment clean and dry will incur a cleaning fee of $1.00 per set. 

(g) The replacement cost of cutlery is $4.99 per piece. This fee applies to Equipment damaged or lost during the hire period.

(h) If cleaning fees or replacement costs exceed the bond, the Hirer will be invoiced for the additional charges and must pay TTHC within 7 business days. 



The Hirer can cancel an order but will forfeit any hire fees paid as follows:

(a) Any bookings cancelled will forfeit the non-refundable deposit.

(b) Bookings cancelled 2 or less weeks prior to the event date will forfeit the total hire fee.



(a) The Equipment TTHC supplies to the Hirer is carefully packaged to protect against damage during transit. The Hirer is likewise required to pack the Equipment carefully and securely and in the same manner it was received, using the packaging material and containers supplied. All products provided to the Hirer must be returned to TTHC (including boxes, cleaning cloths, etc.).

(b) If TTHC is dropping off and/or collecting Equipment, the Hirer must provide TTHC with safe and proper access to, at and from the venue. The Equipment must be readily available to the Owner upon collection. The Hirer must give prior notice to the Owner if the venue has limited parking space or if payment for parking is required. 

(c) The Equipment must be returned in a clean and dry state or cleaning fees will apply. 

(d) Equipment must be returned, or available for collection, on time with all pieces accounted for and in the same condition as the Hirer received them.



(a) The Hirer is responsible for the proper care and use of the Equipment from the time between receiving the Equipment and returning it to TTHC. The Hirer will pay for any damage or loss that may occur during that period. 

(b) The Hirer must take due care to protect the Equipment from the elements and other hazards that may cause damage during the period of hire (including transport, set-up, storage, pick-up, etc.). 

(c) The Owner is not liable for any loss or damage caused to any person, property, animal or thing whatsoever arising from the use of Equipment hereby hired, and the Hirer indemnifies the Owner in respect to any such claims for loss or damage. 

By making a booking through confirming a quote, paying a deposit or paying the full hire fee, the Hirer acknowledges and agrees to the above Terms. This constitutes an agreement between the Hirer and the Owner.

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